Does anyone knows what are these Lesions on our Boston Terrier?


Here is a Question from Soroush asking other Boston Terrier owners about the lesions on his dog.

He says : “Hi everyone, our Boston has had these lesions on him for about a week now. Initially I thought it was irritation from his clothing but it hasn’t got any better. What do you guys think? It doesn’t seem to be troubling him.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Does anyone knows what are these Lesions on our Boston Terrier?

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Fern Norton Tulloch

See a vet quickly…….. !!!!! Good luck!

Kathryn Thomas

Benedryl works well for allergies but check with your vet as to how much to give. It varies according to weight. Very important! Bostons are full of allergies, poor things.

Bonnie White Wardell

See the vet. My Lucy had very bad blotches. I used coconut oil, it has anti bacterial properties. I would bathe her and then rub the oil on her. Also I switched to a grain free limited ingredient food and put a little of the oil in her food. It took a couple of months but it went away.

Faith Howarth

Yep …..irritant allergy