Washing Your Dog in the Bath


    Washing your dog is an important step for giving a good health to your dog and you can do it by yourself by washing your dog in the bath from your home. At first, the dog may not want to and try to leave but he can get used to it.

    Most of the dogs should be bathed once a month only. They can also be washed when they are really dirty but just don’t use shampoo too often to wash your dog because this can cause skin problems (making the natural skin with protective oils, drying out). Make sure that you only wash your dog with a shampoo that is exclusively made for dogs. You can also use a dog conditioner for dry skin. After the bath you can use a dog deodorizer to control the dog odor and you can use it as frequent as daily. The last and most important thing. Always give cookies as a reward for your dog.

    Dog In The Bath