Dog Saves Woman From Carbon Monoxide Death


    As reported in the news by WUSA9 TV channel in Washington, a 8 years old boston terrier dog named Kayla saved her owner from carbon monoxide death. Here is the story :

    A 35-year-old Germantown woman believes she is alive because her pet Boston Terrier woke her Tuesday Night as her condo was filling with poisonous carbon monoxide gas coming from a car which had been left running in a garage beneath her apartment.

    Williasmson rolled out of bed after Kayla woke her up, but found herself weaving as she tried to walk. She felt nauseous, and fell outside her bathroom door. It convinced her to overcome her reservations about calling foe help.

    “Somehow was able to call 9-11. I know that the answers that i gave them ( were confused). I kept think oh my God, what is my address? How old am I? What is my name? And I realized then that this is serious, that I can’t answer these questions easily,” she told WUSA-9.

    “This is my angel, and this is my baby girl, and she knew something was wrong and she was trying to tell her mommy to wake up. She saved my life and, probably, the life of many other people in my condo complex because no one else called,” she said.

    Williamson says the experience has given her a new mission: to convince people to put carbon monoxide detectors in their homes.

    “It’s such an inexpensive investment to have detectors. Obviously, I did not have one and it could have cost me my life. According to some of the doctors within five minutes if I hadn’t have gotten out of there you would be having an interview with my mom about her daughter being dead,” Williamson said.