DogySheets Commercial Fitted Sheets for Dog Beds


    This is a commercial video featuring the Boston Terrier dog breed. It is an advertisement for the DogySheets product that has been seen on tv. The Dogysheets was also featured on MSNBC’s “Your Business!”.

    The Dogysheets are fitted sheet covers to keep the dog beds clean. They are 100% machine washable and dryable! You just have to take them off throw them in the washer and dryer machine. The Dogysheets are made in the United States and they are earth friendly. They are available in different colors, prints and sizes to fit most dog beds. The Dogysheets are available in clean cotton but they are also available in flannel for the colder times of the year.

    This is a good product choice to keep the dog bed cozy and clean. Visit the Dogysheets website if you want more informations and if you want to buy some sheets for your dog bed.

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