Feast Disney Short Film Wins at the 2015 Oscars! Watch the Full Film!


    The animated short film called Feast won at the 2015 Oscars for the Best Animated Short Film and you can watch the full film online! 🙂

    You may have already seen this little 2-D animated short film playing for 6 minutes long in front of Big Hero 6 in theatres. You may have already seen the preview of Feast.

    But this adorable short film featuring a little Boston Terrier dog named Winston is actually fully available online on Youtube for only $1.99! ($2.99 for HD)

    Watch the preview below or watch the full film! Please SHARE this with other people!

    Feast Disney Short Film Won at the Oscars! Watch the Full Film!

    The story of Feast is about a stray Boston Terrier named Winston that discovers a human named James and it follows their friendship over a 12 year span based on the meals they eat, as seen from Winston’s point of view. The years fly by in the six-minute film, and the food changes as the two mature and a woman enters James’ life.

    Watch the Making Of !

    Watch Feast !