Feast is Disney’s short film featuring a Boston Terrier dog! Watch the Preview!


    Feast is a hand-drawn/computer animated short film that is produced by walt disney and featuring a Boston Terrier dog! 🙂

    The story of Feast is about a stray Boston Terrier named Winston that discovers a human named James and it follows their friendship over a 12 year span based on the meals they eat,  as seen from Winston’s point of view. The years fly by in the six-minute film, and the food changes as the two mature and a woman enters James’ life.

    This short film made it’s world premiere on June 10, 2014 and will be shown in theaters with Big Hero 6 (November 7, 2014)

    That’s what the director of the film Patrick Osborne says to USA Today : “He’s a star terrier that’s full of energy. Like any of us, Winston is looking for food and some kind of emotional connection. Every relationship has something that starts it off, and in this case it’s food, I wanted to tell a life story of a man and the dog under the table through the meals they share. It becomes this story of love between a dog and owner.”