Haggerty Spot? What is this Boston Terrier Special Marking?

You may have seen it in a few pictures of Boston Terriers or you may even have one who has this special marking.

Some Boston Terrier dogs have a mark on top of their heads. For some dogs it’s more pronounced than others.

This mark is called The Haggerty Spot and it’s a particular marking that can trace it’s origins back to the first Boston Terrier lines.

Boston Terrier puppy named juno from pressig, germany - Photo 1

Why it’s called the Haggerty Spot?

It’s called the Haggerty Spot because it’s coming from one of the first Boston Terrier lines owned by the Haggerty’s family back in the 1900s. Many of their Bostons were born with the spot on top of their heads. This marking ended up being associated with their Boston Terrier line. Nowadays, most Boston Terrier dogs who have this marking can be traced to the Haggerty’s Boston Terrier line.

What are the Other Names for the Haggerty Spot?

There are a few different names for this spot on top of a Boston Terrier’s head. Here is what we could find people referring as the Haggerty Spot :

Haggerty Dot
Kiss Of God
Angel’s Kiss
God’s Thumb Print
Angel’s Fingerprint

3 Pictures of Boston Terriers with the Haggerty Spot

Just to give you a few exemples of Boston Terriers with the Haggerty’s marking. Here are 3 pictures of Bostons who have the Haggerty Spot.

He Just had his Fifth Birthday! - Solomon from London, UK (Photo)

Boston Terrier Baby named Dalmita from Buenos Aires

Boston Terrier Dog with a Heart on the HeadDo you have a Boston Terrier with the Haggerty Spot? 🙂

You are invited to leave your comment(s) and pictures below!

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