Halloween Costume Ideas for Boston Terrier Dogs!

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Does your dogs likes to dress up? Does your Boston Terrier dogs have a costume for Halloween? Maybe you need ideas about what your dog could dress up this Halloween? Get inspired by some pictures of costumed Boston Terriers below!

Leave your comments if your dog is dressing up for this year’s Halloween and send your photos! You can also leave your costume suggestions!

1. Skunk

Boston Terrier dog Skunk Costume

2. Flying Monkey

Boston Terriers are like Little Monkeys

3. Skydiver

Skydiver Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier dog

4. Hot Dog

Hot Dog Costume of a Boston Terrier named Chance

5. Banana

Banana Terrier Trick or Treat - Marley from Alma qc canada

6. E.T.

E.T. Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier

7. Squirrel

Squirrel Costume of Dyna the Boston Terrier from Manchester, USA

8. Pirate & Punk Rocker

Pirate (French Bulldog) and Punk Rocker (Boston Terrier) Wish Everyone a Happy Halloween!

9. Bumble Bee

Happy Halloween from Kuna in Saint-Louis, MO

10. Bull

Bull Costume of Linkin the Boston Terrier from Edmonton, Canada

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How do you make the skunk costume?

Renee Riffle

E.T. is my favorite! The face, Classic!

Charlie Carmona

My Bruno and Stella will never tolerate a hat. They will destroy. So I’m stuck with skunk.

Lilianne Beck

Michelle Roberts-Beck

Jenni Harding

Joe Tintin Gibb Annmarie Winton 🐶

Don Wardill

Mark Froom