Has anyone experienced an elongated Soft Palate and Stenotic Nares?


Here is a question from Margaret asking other Boston Terrier owners about brachycephalic syndrome.

She says : “My 7 month old Boston, Louie, was recommended by the Vet to get a consult from a specialist for brachycephalic syndrome specifically to repair an elongated soft palate and stenotic nares. Has anyone experienced this with your pups?”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Has anyone experienced an elongated Soft Palate and Stenotic Nares?

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Faith Howarth

Agree with Meg and Hanna. Get it diagnosed, check with Boston people and go to best Vet.

Meg Kirkendall

If your vet feels this needs to be done(and you trust your vet) have it done(or bring dog to another vet for a 2nd opinion). We were told of possible difficulties with our 8 wk old pups nares…the vet wanted to do the surgery before we took her home! We brought her to our own vet–he found no problem–she is 7 years old and doesn’t even snore!!!! IF need,absolutely have the surgery.

Jeff Gieseke

Yes our man Dozer had to have the surgery a couple a years ago.

Melanie Thissle Roseth

Look at those gorgeous blues!!!! ❤️🐶❤️

Jeff Gieseke

Melanie Thissle Roseth just one but thanks


We also just got the same recommendation from our vet. Our Boston is 5.5 months. Our pup snores, snorts, and consistently regurgitates. Some toys make him gag. We are going to get the surgery.