Has anyone experienced any problems with a Whiter Face?


Here is a question from Caroline asking other Boston Terrier owners about the Boston Terriers with a whiter face.

She says : “Hi! We are getting 2 Bostons on Tuesday and 1 has a whiter face than the other… Has anyone experienced any problems with this? I was more concerned about deafness?? Thank you”

Does anyone have any experiences?
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Has anyone experienced any problems with a Whiter Face?

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Mine is perfectly fine with hearing, just be careful with sunbathing!!!!!!!!! They tend to get sunburned quickly so watch out! Love my sweet angel!

John Ferrier

Mine is deaf. Named her Helen Keller, she doesn’t seem to mind.
Bottom pup in pic.

Christine Waren

Our 5 yr old rescue is not deaf. He has darkish blue eyes but they look black indoors. His skin is sensitive but he’s on Fromm dog food and I think the stuff that bothers him is outside in our yard 😕

Bernadette Ebert

I have a whiter face