Health Problems of the Boston Terrier Dog Breed


    Even if the Boston Terrier is a dog breed that has a long and healthy life expectancy, there is some health problems that are common of the breed.

    Health issues may occur even with the best of care and some of these problems and diseases are due to a genetic vulnerability.

    If you have a Boston Terrier or if you are looking to get a Boston Terrier, please be aware of these health conditions that can affect this gentle dog breed. Although some health problems could occur, that should not stop you from having a Boston Terrier.

    Boston Terrier Health Problems

    Most Common Health Problems

    1 – Eye Problems

    Because of their large and protruding eyes, Boston Terriers are susceptible to many eye problems including : Cataracts, Corneal Ulcers, Corneal Dystrophy, Glaucoma, Cherry Eye, Distichiasis, Keratitis Sicca and Entropion.

    2 – Respiratory Problems

    Due to their shortened muzzles, Boston Terriers are predisposed to certain respiratory problems. These are called the Brachycepalic Syndrome. Did you know? Most of Boston Terrier dogs are snoring and snorting.  This is caused by an abnormality in the upper respiratory system that can result in a partial obstruction or resistance in the nose and larynx. This is commonly observed in short-nosed breeds where there is an abundance of overlying soft tissues in the shortened bones of the face compromising their breathing.

    3 – Stomach Problems

    Boston Terriers can also have some health problems related to their stomach. They are prone to food allergies and they may require a “special” food diet.

    4 – Orthopedic Problems

    The most common orthopedic-related health problem of the Boston Terrier is the Patellar Luxation. The patellar luxation is the dislocation of the knee. It is manifested by pain, limping, and the affected Boston Terrier may stop periodically to stretch its rear legs. This action allows the patella to pop back to its normal conformation. Patellar luxation is generally genetic in nature. If left untreated it can lead to cartilage damage and Arthritis.

    Consult Your Veterinarian

    If you believe your Boston Terrier may have health problem(s), please consult with your veterinarian.

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