Help Save a “Dangerous” Female Boston Terrier named Prudence from Mishawaka, Indiana, USA


    Here is the story about a female Boston Terrier named Prudence from Mishawaka, Indiana, USA that has been deemed a dangerous dog by the humane society. Her owner is telling more about Prudence’s story…

    “She is Ten years old, all of ten and a half pounds and loves everybody she meets. She has decided in the last few months that she likes to explore and when she is let out to go potty, if no one is right there watching her, she goes for a walk. Well she has been picked up by the Humane Society four times now. The first three times together have cost around $800 to get her back out. Time number four (Friday) will cost over $800 alone, because now she has been deemed a dangerous dog by the humane society.”

    “No, she hasn’t bitten anyone, no she hasn’t torn up anyone’s property, and no she hasn’t broken into anyone’s house to steal all their milk bones. What she has done is been picked up four times, and that seems to be all it takes to be defined as a dangerous dog here in Mishawaka. We now have to carry $300,000.00 insurance coverage on her because she is dangerous. We now have to post signs around our property warning people of our dangerous dog. We now have to erect a six foot high, 11 gauge wire kennel with a concrete floor, wire top and padlock for her to go to potty. She can never leave the house anymore without wearing a muzzle.”

    “For those of you who know Prudence, you know that this is an over-reaction. But we can’t seem to make the powers that be understand that. Anita, my wife lost her job back in February and with the economy being the way it is we are no longer in a financial position to be able to get Prudence back. You can see in the picture below Prudence being walked by our Granddaughter Emily. She will be heartbroken that Prudence is gone and so are we.”

    Help save a dangerous female boston terrier named prudence from mishawaka, indiana, usa

    “I am not posting this to beg for money or to get anyone in trouble, but instead to make you aware of the intrusive laws in the city of Mishawaka and by the Humane Society of St. Joseph County. And so I can vent a little. Thanks for reading and maybe sharing so more people can be aware to keep a closer eye on there “dangerous” members of the family….”

    Here is the Facebook page of Prudence :

    Update – Prudence is home now.