Her Nose has Become Cracked – Have you ever heard of this?


Here is a Question from Susan asking other Boston Terrier owners about cracked nose.

She says : “My Boston is 6 years old. Her nose has become rough and cracked over the years. Not a problem-doesn’t bother her. Have you ever heard of this with Boston Terriers?”

Does anyone else ever had this issue? Any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Her Nose has Become Cracked - Have you ever heard of this?

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My boston terrier’s nose grows bigger over months and then cracks and big pieces fall of. After that her nose is small and normal for a while. Is that normal? My vet never saw this before, he told me.

Nicole Taggart

I put lanolin on my dogs nose. It’s has no taste and is safe for babies so I figure it’s fine for dogs. It works really well

Rita Bjalobok

There is a product called nose butter. It is like chapstick except the ingredients dogs shouldn’t have. Works great!!!!

DeeDee McCall

Nose Butter. I started every day and in about a week, the flakes started peeling off. Now just once a week or so to keep it soft and kissable.