How do we Stop this Bad Biting Behavior?


Here is a question from Mandi asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices about her Boston Terrier’s bad behavior.

She says : “I have a 9 month old male Boston Terrier who is full of energy! My husband and I love him to death but are getting very frustrated with him because he is always biting us! If I get up from the couch, or walk in the door from being at work all day, or simply walk around my house to get something done… he is attacking and biting our feet ! When we shout NO, he does it even more and starts to bark and growl. His adult teeth are in and it is starting to really hurt. The way he growls makes it seem like it’s coming from aggression.

Please help! How do we stop this bad behavior !?” We have tried spraying him with water, giving him time outs, and making high shreaking sounds. Nothing has worked so far. Thank You!”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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How do we Stop this Bad Biting Behavior?

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ours is 6 years old, and she was trying to bite us. but we are very strong/tough, and she have limits. she cant go to our room or stay in the coach. she sleeps in the kitchen, and are no allowed to bark, or anything lowd. we live in apartament, but we let her out and run a lot. she have several toys, but can use only one a time. when she try to bit us, we say “no” or “shhhhh”, and pick up a tiny bone and gave her, and say “you can bite that”. she take the bone… Read more »

Meg Kirkendall

He sure is cute! It sounds to me like he REALLY just wants your attention. Same principle with children “they want attention and will do anything to GET it. Bad behavior is the quickest route—don’t “reward “ that behavior.When you come home-let him cool down(it is natural for him to be excited to see you—he doesn’t have language—so he does what gets the fastest results! The results are NOT REASSURING.Shouting and scolding. Ask you vet or better still a dog trainer—they will coach you on how to train your pooch to respond lovingly to your living interactions.He is still young… Read more »

DeeDee Knierim-Couch

I have never had a Boston do this and have had many. When they were puppies I took a long time though to train proper biting/chewing. It took all their baby time but worth it. None have ever been adult biters ever. It worked for us for all of ours. I would think a constant training until the behavior is gone but of course easier when puppies.

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