How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Maria asking other Boston Terrier owners about the purposes of registering a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “What purposes/benefits are there to AKC registration other than for breeding? How many of you have registered your Boston?”

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How many of you have AKC Registered your Boston Terrier?

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AKC funds a lot of health research. There have been major breakthoughs in epilepsy and lymphoma that have implications for human treatment too. There is a lot of very good info free on their website. There’s a canine college section, sections on disaster preparedness, all kinds of stuff. AKC lobbies for responsible dog laws. Those few dollars spent on registration fund a lot of good things.

Patricia Boone Bunch

Never got the papers as promised from the breeder. But does not matter as I would not breed her. Also she has a heart murmur. crappy breeder!!!

Sandy Hyde

Mine didn’t come with papers. Wouldn’t have registered her if they had. She’s my pet and I had her spayed.

Scott Marlow

3 of my 4 are purebred, but I see nothing but an unnecessary waste of money as they’re all spayed/neutered.