How Much Daily Exercise Do a Boston Terrier Dog Needs?


Here is a question from someone named Dorcas asking about if a Boston Terrier dog does require a lot of exercise and if a Boston can take the very cold weather.

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Abbey Patiently Waiting to go for a Walk in Henderson, USA

She says : “I had a lovely jack russel terrier which was a beautiful girl but she is no longer in my life sadly but I am looking for a new companion. I have bad knees and running is out of the question anymore so I am looking for a dog who does not require as much exercise and I came across the boston terrier but I have found different information here and there. one place says they don’t require so much exercise and others say they are energetic.”

“By your opinion how long of a walk would they need daily? 30-60 minutes? I live in Syracuse, NY and we get very cold here and can have frightful snow at times. Can a boston take that kind of weather?”