How Much Exercise does a Boston Terrier Dog Require Every Day?


Here is a question from Madelaine who wanted to ask if Boston Terrier dogs require a lot of exercise every day.

She says : ” I’m considering buying a Boston Terrier by the end of this year. I’m 18 years old and I’m currently in university which means I won’t have an abundance of time to walk my dog or take it to the park. I would have approximately half an hour to an hour every day to walk my dog. Would this be substantial? Or is it really a mixed bag and depend on what dog you get from the breeder? “

How much exercise is required for a Boston Terrier dog? 🙂

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How Much Exercise does a Boston Terrier Dog Require Every Day?

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Bostons need lots of physical and mental exercise. Tiki (2 years old) and I play for at least an hour throughout the day. We go for an hour-long walk each afternoon. We do training about an hour each day. I spend about another hour each day doing other dog things such as feeding, watering and picking up toys…did I mention picking up toys? Sometimes I think this is not enough time for a young dog. Do yourself a favor and focus on finishing school (the most important thing you need to do right now), and get a Boston when you… Read more »

Jan Lindahl

It’s not just walks but playtime too. Attention and play are every bit as important as walks, even more important.

Joanne Pratt

Greg Jones

Toni Ross Rouge

Bugsy loves running around the house