How much Food to Feed her in Grams? Is that too much?


Here is a question from Tarien asking for some advices on how much to feed his dog.

He says : “Our Boston is now 20 weeks old and we feed her either chicken and rice with a bit of acana or mince, livers and butternut. I also add veggies on occassion but try and keep the protein as high as possible. I make her mince and livers in coconut oil and also give her egg and peanutbutter as healthy fats for a shiny coat (not every day!). I cant really find guidelines of HOW MUCH to feed her in grams? I normally feed her 3 times a day with 60g weighed protein per meal. Is that too much? She always eats the food and leaves the pallets. She weighs 6.5kg now. I never know if I’m giving too much or too little. She is small built so I’m guessing her full weight won’t be more than 9 – 10kg?”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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How much Food to Feed her in Grams? Is that too much?

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We go by eye… It’s like humans, when dogs are growing or have increase physical activity, they burn more calories. And you can see their ribs too much, feed them more. If you over feed them and you can’t properly feel their ribs over the fat rolls, reduce their food. I wish I could do it so easily for myself 😉
But if you’re not sure if your dog food diet is balanced, it’s best to check with your vet.