How often should I wash my Boston Terrier dog?


Here is a question from Faith asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices about washing a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “How often should I wash my boston terrier? Im in Scotland so it gets pretty wet n mucky on our walks, but im worried about over doing it at once a week. His coat seems to be in good order though. I use the RSPCA hypoallergenic shampoo.”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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How often should I wash my Boston Terrier dog?

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Outi Rämö

Mine boston girls get washed only when its necessary and needed. I think bostons are the easiest breed to hold clean. When its wintertime and clean and bright snow are all over its quite easy to be clean. Greetings from northern Finland!

Kimberly Stolp Wright

We wash all of the dogs once a month

Madison Mask

I wash my boston every week! We live in Alabama so it’s very hot and he can get nasty! The secret to bathing him is I only bathe him in oatmeal 😊 It’s a natural deodorizer and is soooo good for his skin! Highly recommend!


Is this oatmeal at vet offices only or at grocery stores? Brand name?
Thank u


Bostons can get very dry skin so frequent bathing can cause them to be uncorfatable. I make my bostons food weekly and find that this helps her coat retain the natural oils and is very shiny. Dry dirt is easily brushed off and she isn’t generally smelly. I may bathe her twice in the summer and at the change of the season unless she rolls in something nasty. 🤢 With that being said she loves the water and if she had her way she would jump in the bath everyday!