How to get a Boston Terrier to Listen while Outside?


Here is a question from Josh asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices to get a Boston Terrier to listen.

He says : “My Boston Terrier is named Tucker, he’s seven month old and i’m having a problem getting him to listen while outside… Any suggestions?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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How to get a Boston Terrier to Listen while Outside?

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Heather Bodiford Crowe

When there are no distractions, mine listen and are on point unleashed. Humans, squirrels, bears, all other distractions it’s a loss cause.

Suzanne Gibbons

Christopher Gibbons

Kristopher Pollock

A leash and discipline let them know your the boss

Patricia Bohorquez

It is impossible😅

Matthew Davis

they are a bit of a stubborn breed. My Boston Baby was very aloof to the happenings of the outside world, luckily. Now my Pug is nosey and I cant get him to focus. We stop and make him sit this kinda helps..LOL

Pat Travis

Good question.I thought mine was losing her hearing until I tested her in the house.When she was in the back of the house I rattled a food paper at the other end of house. She was at my feet in a heartbeat.Nothing wrong with the ears.Sure doesn’t hear me outside. Lol.