How to Potty Train a Boston Terrier Puppy?


Here is a question from Beatriz who wanted to know how to potty train her Boston Terrier puppy.

She says : ” Hi! I have a BT puppy she is 7 months old. I’m looking for potty training advice because she is been with us for 4 months and still having accidents daily. Thanks in advance

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This is Charlotte 🙂

How to Potty Train a Boston Terrier Puppy?

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to housebreak a Boston Terrier puppy? 🙂

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Jenni Williams

My 2 (9 months and 3 months) are doing heat with the bell. It took a while but now they ring every time they want to go out

Marti Marikovics

My dogs have all been easy. Just like a child,have patience and understanding they need to be old enough to have control and get them to the proper place consistently. Don’t leave them unattended.

Alice Tuckey

Let them out often and if there is another dog for them to learn from it speeds up the process.

Rhea Fox

And watch out for sniffling, circling and a lifted tail.