How to Stop a Dog from Destroying a Couch and Seat Cushions?


    Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Beth asking for some advices from other Boston Terrier owners to help her to stop her dog from chewing on things.

    She says : “We have had a Boston Terrier rescue for 7 months and he has just decided to start clawing seat cushions and destroying them. He just went after my antique couch. Thoughts on how to get him to stop. Could he be anxious? He has another Boston at home with him.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? Join the discussion!

    Here is a picture of the bad boy named Willy perched on the couch :

    How to Stop a Dog from Destroying a Couch and Seat Cushions?

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    Try placing mouse traps(with no bait, but in the fixed position) on the cushions in different locations. When yr Boston jumps up on the cushions, the traps will snap, and soon he’ll never jump up unless invited.

    Enzo CB Devine

    Needs more attention or chew toys. Also bitters helps deter the dogs

    John Lewinski

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    A engaged dog is a good dog. Hire a dogsitter, or doggie day care or trade dog sitting. My Boston is never alone n I’m poor