How to Stop the Behavior of a Boston Terrier Dog who Becomes Too Rough with a Cat?


    Here is a question from Lauren asking for some suggestions about how to make sure her Boston Terrier stops being too rough with a cat.

    She says : “I’m needing some advice for my baby girl Gussie. She is 1.5 years young and picks on her older brother Phoenix the cat (6 years young). When Gussie first joined the family as a puppy, I expected my cat (male) to put her in her place, but that doesn’t happen.  Poor guy is going bald in spots from Gussie wrestling with her. Phoenix doesn’t run away and will instigate it on occasions too. Phoenix will even try to cuddle her when sleeping (so I know he can’t completely hate her), but she too excited to play when he comes around.  The main issue I have is getting Gussie to listen and stop when it becomes too rough. She gets her eyes set on her brother and nothing else matters in the world. Not even treats or toys. I’m a little lost on figuring out how to nip this behavior for good.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations? Please SHARE!

    This is Gussie 🙂

    How to Stop the Behavior of a Boston Terrier Dog who Becomes Too Rough with a Cat?

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    Raymond Lee Moser

    Only took one swipe by the cat to set things straight. It helps if Bostons are introduced to cats as puppies.

    Nathan Steiger

    Ummm get rid of the cat bc they are stupid!

    Anita Farra

    Easy, find cat a new home.

    Doniette Onorati

    My Boston plays really well with our Cat, It took some time though and lots of patience but its a lovely little friendship now.

    Jorie April

    My Boston is scared of the cat lol

    Glenn Folds Jr.

    Don’t hate me. But I’d just get rid of the cat. Problem solved