How to Stop the Biting and Growling of a Boston Terrier puppy?


Here is a question from Hilary asking for some suggestions about how to make sure her Boston Terrier understands it’s not ok to bite and growl.

She says : “Anyone have tips on how to stop the biting and growling of a BT puppy? This is more aggressive than puppy nipping. We’ve tried the stern “No!” And also tried the water squirt bottle. Re-direction to toys, etc is not working either. Also, if you had a puppy like this, how long did it take to get them to stop? I’ve reached out to local trainers. Waiting to hear back. He nearly broke the skin on my daughter’s arm this morning. And no, she wasn’t playing with him aggressively or inappropriately. Thanks in advance!”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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How to Stop the Biting and Growling of a Boston Terrier puppy?

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Bruce Banick

Okay, here is a trick that I learned a long time ago and it works for me. When you see aggressive behavior, gently roll the Boston on her/his back, lay
Your head on the belly, in a normal tone voice say no. You may have to do this a few times to train an obstinate doggie.

Bruce Banick

Oh, don’t forget to tell them how much you love them.

Patricia Rollins

Our Boston doesn’t bark at all, except when there are some nibbles on the coffee table he can’t reach.

Jean JJ Fourie

Maybe try and feed her

Lucy Gomez McCay

A firm NO then give him/her the cold shoulder for 5-10 minutes. My BT Baxter would always push my daughter away (she was 5 at the time) and Baxter was 12 weeks old when we purchased him from a breeder. Also remember there’s a pecking order with dogs & children. My Baxter was very jealous of my daughter so I made sure Baxter had his own time with me and slowly reassured him that we could all be together as one happy family. Baxter is now 13 years old & my daughter is 17. It just takes time. Hang in… Read more »