Is Frankie a Pure Breed Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Mary Ann who wanted to know if her dog is a pure breed Boston Terrier.

She says : ” I rescued a Boston 2 months ago and he is adorable. I am told he is a pure breed Boston. I don’t care if he is or isn’t, but curious to know if Bostons can truly not look like Bostons.

His name is Frankie because he has one blue eye (after Frank Sinatra) and one brown. His snout is long and he doesn’t have much of an indent between his eyes.  One ear is completely black and the other has a white strip through it and doesn’t stand completely up. The tip bends forward. And the other adorable thing about Frankie is his tail. My female Boston has a tail, but Frankie’s is THICK. He acts like a Boston and he LOVES like a Boston.

I can’t afford to do a DNA test and found your website and thought I would give this a shot. Maybe someone out there has a dog like Frankie. And to just let you all know, I don’t care if he isn’t a Boston. He is wonderful and adorable and the most LOVING Boston I have ever had! “

Is Frankie a Pure Breed Boston Terrier?

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This is Francky! ?

Is Frankie a Pure Breed Boston Terrier?