Is the Coolbaby Dog Park in Beijing Doggy Heaven?


    China by no means has the best reputation in terms of their past dog care; and considering this history it surely comes as a big surprise to see that their cultural attitude towards dogs has completely changed.

    As the country comes into the 21st century so have their feelings towards our canine friends. Dog ownership is now very big especially in the more developed areas. Pedigree breeds are a common sight and the market for dog care products is booming year on year. But what has caught the world’s attention is the Coolbaby dog park in Beijing. The city is known for its multi millionaire business people and celebrities so a dog park that has it all should perhaps come as no surprise.

    Coolbaby by Giovanni Tosi

    Coolbaby is basically a theme park for dogs with a range of kennels, activities, obstacles, and places for owners to hang out in. The park is set in a nice area of town and caters for all types of pets. One of the main attractions is the doggy swimming pool where dogs are allowed to swim freely under the watchful eyes of the canine life guards. The venue is most popular in the evenings as this is when most owners finish work and take their pets out. You can feed your dog there by either bringing your own food or choosing from a selection of dog food for sale.

    It is not only the park that is attracting attention but also the questionable owners’ ways of dressing up their dogs. What is popular at the moment is using hair dye to either make their dog stand out or make it look like another animal. One of the most popular being to dye Chow Chow dogs to make them look like pandas and you will even see tiger prints on larger animals. It has received mix opinions from owners some stating that the dyes are not harmful and others disagreeing.

    Whatever view you have on dog ownership in China the country should be recognised for its progressive ways of dog care even if they are a little controversial at times.