Kobe the Boston Terrier Dog from Chicago


    These Boston Terrier photos were sended by Jay Weinstein to be featured here on this Boston Terrier website. The photos are capturing a Boston Terrier dog named Kobe. Kobe is a 2 1/2 years old male from the Chicago area of the United States.

    This is what Kobe’s owner says : “As you can see he is Brindle in color. Incredible demeaner and was trained by me. Kobe comes from great lineage and if you see his full body from the left side to the right you will see his markings are mirror imaged..I really think he is a great looking Boston and not because he is mine.. I have to believe Boston lovers would agree. He is also an incredible athlete.”

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    Boston Terrier Kobe with a Boston Terrier Puppy

    Boston Terrier Kobe Spread EagleBoston Terrier Kobe with GlassesBoston Terrier Coby from ChicagoBoston Terrier Coby SleepingBoston Terrier Kobe with OscarBoston Terrier Kobe Playing Basketball