Largest Dog Eyes Guinness World Record


A four years old black and white Boston Terrier dog named Bruschi is now holding a Guinness World Record for the Largest Dog Eyes.

Bruschi is currently living with his owner named Victoria Reed in Texas, United States. Bruschi was adopted from a rescue centre in August 2009. Abused by his previous owner, he is now safe and happy in his new home with Victoria.

Largest Dog Eyes Guinness World Record - Photo 3

The story about Bruschi’s holding the “Largest Dog Eyes” Title

At first, his owner named Victoria didn’t really notice about Bruschi’s superlatively large eyes. It is only after her friends, family, and his veterinarian made comments on how large Bruschi’s eyes are, that she decided to register and submit an application for a new Guinness World Record title for the “Largest Dog Eyes“. His vet measured the large eyes of the dog and they are 28mm in diameter!

Largest Dog Eyes Guinness World Record - Photo 4

    How is Bruschi the Boston Terrier dog with the “Largest Dog Eyes”

    According to the owner of Bruschi, the dog is a very energetic and attention-seeking dog. That’s what she said about him : “He’s up and down, jumpy, hyper, always by my side twitching and wiggling. He always snorts… it’s so loud you can hear him in another room, or when you’re on the phone with someone. I usually can’t hear the tv either!”

    Victoria also says that other dogs certainly notice Bruschi’s large eyes because they are sometimes intimidated by him. Bruschi loves to play with balls, especially tennis balls. “He could play fetch for hours, it gets to the point where I have to put the ball up out of reach because he wont stop playing and is out of breath!”

    Largest Dog Eyes Guinness World Record - Photo 1

    While some people may says bad things about his unusual appearance, Victoria says that Bruschi would be pleased if he really understand about the “Largest Dog Eyes” title he holds on the Guinness World Records : “I honestly feel like he would be really happy about it… some people do make fun of him for his looks, but I feel like he would go up to them and say: ‘Haha, look where I am now, I’ve got a record for my looks!'”