Leo’s Luxated Lens Surgery is Now 100% Funded!


    Leo the Boston Terrier will get is needed surgery for his luxated lens. 100% of the required money is now funded! His owner, Roxanne Rossbach says :

    “As soon as we hit 100% I drove to the vet and Leo’s surgery is scheduled for first thing Friday morning… we have to take him in Thursday evening to stay the night there. Am so nervous about the surgery, but so THANKFUL that once he is healed he will not be in pain anymore. Thank you to everyone to donated and shared Leo’s story!!

    Thank you so much. Now is time for a lot of prayers as the short nosed dogs do not do well under anesthesia, but we have a great vet and he will be under for less than 1/2 an hour. Thank you for all of your prayers and sharing Leo’s story….the love and help of friends, strangers and family helped us reach the goal.”

    Raising Funds for Leo's Luxated Lens Surgery