Marty the Boston Terrier Dog from Alberta Canada

    These beautiful Boston Terrier photos were sended by Natasha Watling to be featured here on this Boston Terrier website. The photos are capturing a Boston Terrier dog named Marty McFly from Alberta in the province of Canada.

    This is what Marty’s owner says : “Marty McFly was brought into our family approximately 2 years ago. We had rescued her from a “no kill” animal shelter here in Alberta. We weren’t able to bring her home right away, because she was being treated for giardia. While at the shelter, she had taken on another parasite. We were given medication for her, but the poor thing had a prolapse. The shelter had given us special dog food to help her with the issue, but it just made it worse. This little puppy was just skin and bones. It was all very disconcerting. Since we’ve had her, she had gotten a hundred times better. Both parasites are gone, and she had gained some healthy weight. You couldn’t guessed she was close to death.”

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    Marty McFly the Boston Terrier Dog from Alberta Street PhotoMarty McFly the Boston Terrier Dog from Alberta Home Photo

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