My 6 months old Boston Terrier is Too Energetic and he’s Constantly Biting! How to Change this Behavior?


Here is a question from Mandi asking other Boston Terrier owners about the bad behavior of her 6 months old Boston Terrier.

She says : “Hi… I was hoping you could help me, I have a 6 month old Boston Terrier who is such trouble!! He gets super energetic and is constantly biting at me and my husband’s feet. When we firmly shout NO, little Arnie will start barking aggressively at us and continue biting our feet and jumping. Help! How do we change his behavior to be a good dog?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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My 6 months old Boston Terrier is Too Energetic and he's Constantly Biting! How to Change this Behavior?

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Our little 6-month old Boston Bo was also doing this. Got him a food ball we use for one meal/day for him to roll to get food out, a couple new bones, and a spray bottle to spray him & let him know he’s being bad, and he stopped almost instantly. Also walk him.


I purchased a product called “Petgentle” online and it worked the first time I used it.

Makiri Sei

My Boston was out of biting phase by 6 month, but she constantly chewed crates and toys when she was teething. I let her chew on things as long as they were hers and safe. If she chewed on furniture or anything she was not supposed to chew, I sprayed water or held her by the neck, gently but firmly pushed her to the floor and said “no”. She learned very quickly. If she bit me, I yelped like a dog. That always stopped her; she would look at me like “I am so sorry, what have I done to… Read more »

Anita Wood

Walks, runs, bike runs, ball runs, active very active breed.