My Boston Terrier is Biting our Feet – How to Stop it?

Here is a question from Keri asking for some suggestions about what to do to stop her Boston Terrier biting feet.

She says : “Hi there, I would like to see if anyone has any suggestions or recommendations to help. We have an 8 month Boston (first time owners) and very often out of the blue, she will jump up and nip at our feet if we are sitting or bite at our feet while walking. If we are sitting on the couch, she will sometimes jump up and bite at our head. Putting on socks is impossible and we have to go into a different room to put on socks/shoes or she will constantly jump and try to bite.”

“If we re-direct her with a toy or play fetch it sometimes helps, but not always as once she gets the opportunity to nip/bite she will go back to doing it. She gets lots of play time playing fetch and games with us and our children and big walks every evening. We were wondering if getting another would help, maybe she needs another she can play rough with? Do people more than one Boston find with they will entertain each other? Maybe she is missing another dog companion? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance.”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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My Boston Terrier is Biting Feet - How to Stop it?

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