My Boston Terrier Puppy Rips her Potty Pads. How to Teach her this is Wrong?


Here is a question from Leah asking other Boston Terrier owners their advices about her Boston Terrier’s bad behavior.

She says : “I have a 14 week Boston living in an apt, so we’re dependent on potty pads. She is good about using them for the most part, but rips them off of the ground anytime I’m not around and makes a huge mess. I’ve bought the sticky ones, taped them to the floor, no luck. How do I teach her this is wrong when I can’t catch her in the act?”

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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My Boston Terrier Puppy Rips her Potty Pads. How to Teach her this is Wrong?

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John Daly
John Daly

I have a 14 week old Boston, Parker, who at 11 weeks old (we got him at 8 weeks) started vomiting for 3 days. End we found the tell tale cause in the last round of vomiting (blue wee pad paper). We knew he was tearing it sometimes but eating it was making him sick. So we got him a Kong that we fill with treats and a small “treatballs” as alternatives to paper and made sure we clapped our hands if we saw him chewing paper and told him no. And gave him a treat b-ball or kong We… Read more »

Angela Deaust

Just throw them out. I’m pretty sure I ruined housetraining with those. They’re the worst thing ever and only taught my dog to pee in the house. I wish I’d never used them!!

Michelle Renee Wolfe

I got my Boston at six weeks, I worked in the car business(long hours) and I had him completely house trained in less than a month. I crated him and that is the only way he learned!

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

Just take out when the get up, after they eat and every 3 hours when your awake…I’ve never used those pads!