My Boston Terrier Puppy Started Panting Last Night, Can Anyone Help Me?


    Here is a Question from Marilyn Gates Garner from Cape Town, South Africa : My Boston Terrier Puppy Started Panting Last Night, Can Anyone Help Me?

    “Can anyone help me? My 14 week BT puppy started panting before he went to bed last night.  It is summer here but temperature was only about 22 degrees C. He then stopped, went to bed, went to sleep and then about midnight pooped around the house a number of times and wouldn’t got back to bed. When my husband wouldn’t let him come on our bed, he started waling around the house panting. Eventually I got up and I wiped him down with a cool cloth. He wouldnt drink any water and when I tried to put him back to bed he wouldn’t go, so I sat on the floor and he climbed on my lap, still panting but slightly less. I do think he had a sore tummy but just guessing. Eventually I put him in his bed and lay on the floor next to him. He was very restless and kept on sitting up and falling asleep, collapsing down and then sitting up again.

    Finally I got my pillows, lay on the floor and he climbed on to them and put his head on my head. His body was very much a normal temperature by then but he wanted to stay close to me. He is normally a very independent little soul and doesn’t want to be hugged for too long, he is just too busy. At about 5am I finally managed to get into bed without waking him and sleep for an hour before going to work.

    This morning my husband says he is fine, not panting, lying asleep with the other two dogs. He isn’t going to feed him until after midday so that his tummy has a rest.  What could this be?

    Our other BT who is 3 sometimes pants in her sleep but if we wake her up she stops. She also drinks a lot of water.

    Its a very scary thing to witness in the early hours of the morning, especially when one doesn’t know what to do. I know he struggles with his breathing. When he finishes eating, he clears his throat like someone with a serious smokers cough.

    I love him to bits and I hate to think of anything bad happening to him.”

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Leave your comments!