My Boston Terrier seems like he’s Almost Unresponsive. Someone knows What he has?


Here is a question from Cody asking other Boston Terrier owners if someone knows what his Boston Terrier has.

He says : “Hello I was hoping maybe you can help me. I have an 11 month old Boston Terrier. He does this wired thing. It’s almost like he’s unresponsive. I have a video so that you can see. I have gone to the vet they have no idea what’s wrong. We have done multiple blood panels that have come back better than the last. Maybe another Boston owner knows. Thanks for your time.”

Does anyone have any ideas, advices and/or experiences?
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Ron caple
Ron caple

We have an 11 my month old and she does exactly the same it must be a Boston thing. I bet he would move if you were holding some chicken wings in your hand

Zed Sonmez

He just thinks there chicken in the oven!Surely 🙂

Noel Stiles

Is he deaf ? have you had him checked.


LMAO! That is the Boston Terriers stubborn streak. Our dog does this all the time when he’s being a little punk. Stop spending your money on Vet visits, it’s normal behavior for the Boston Terrier. 😂