My Boston Terrier will Pull and Barks at Other Dogs… Any Suggestions?

    Here is a question from Emmanuel who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners to find a way to stop his dog who’s barking at other dogs.

    He says : “So I have something I can’t seem to fix. My Boston terrier (Twilium) turns into a completely different person when he sees another dog when I take him out anywhere. He’ll pull really really hard (gains super strength I swear) and will be crying/barking until he’s out of sight. He doesn’t listen, he won’t even pay attention to his favorite toy which he normally goes crazy over too! I’ve tried also taking out treats but to no avail. Any suggestions? Oh also, we have another dog he’s a half pom/half papillon. He grew up with him so I can see why he doesn’t attack him.”

    Please SHARE your suggestions and leave your comments! 🙂

    This is Twilium! 🙂

    My Boston Terrier will Pull and Barks at Other Dogs... Any Suggestions?

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