My Long Haired Silky Boston Terrier Keeps Licking his Feet… Food Allergy?


Here is a Question from Cecillia asking other Boston Terrier owners about her long haired silky Boston Terrier who’s having food allergy.

She says : “I have a 3 yr old long haired silky Boston Terrier that keeps licking the bottoms of his feet. I believe he is having some sort of food allergy, he is on taste of the wild and I also give him bully sticks constantly. Am I doing something wrong here, he didn’t have these problems up until a month ago, he’s been back and forth to our vet and going back again today. I have forked out alot of money for this PRECIOUS guy of mine. Any advise on what brand of food they do well with ?”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

My Long Haired Silky Boston Terrier Keeps Licking his Feet... Food Allergy?

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Jan Dugger

I have heard of this before some say they are nurvious, others say bordum mine only does it after being on wet grass. It could be an allergey? I have never seen a long haired Boston. Very pretty dog.

Vittore Massaro

We always thought it was a normal fungus (Google search) or flea bite wounds because it seems Trifexis doesn’t help much with the legs. But our poor dog constantly licks also. Specifically the front feet

Johan Jacobs

Must be a foot allergy,

Trisha Cremmins

My Boston used to lick my legs whenever I wore shorts during the summer. I think she just liked the salt from my sweat. She didn’t have food allergies, but she had seasonal allergies. It’s possible it could be an allergy, or that the dog has a salt deficiency (determined through a urine test), but it’s more likely that it’s a behavioral way of communicating with you. They could be showing they love you, they want your attention, or a sign of submission to you as seeing you as their alpha dog.

Joan Pearson

Use apple cider vinegar

Nicky Robinson

If you’ve had him out in the snow recently could be the snow melter / salt that gets put down