Neo and Tuxedo Boston Terrier Dogs from France


    Here are photos of two Boston Terriers dogs from the south of France. Their names are Neo and Tuxedo. Neo was born on January 22th 2008 in France. Tuxedo was born on March 26th 2006 in the USA.

    Since they were puppies, they were trained using the Clicker method. They learned to obey and also learned to do agility tricks. They even do sports. They are known for being skateboarding dogs.

    You can see them riding on their skateboard in these amazing videos : Skateboarding Dogs Neo And Tuxedo and Neo & Tuxedo Back Again Skateboarding in Paris.

    Thanks to Kang Lee, the owner of these dogs, for sending the following photos to be featured here on the Boston Terrier website.

    Neo & Tuxedo Skateboarding

    Skateboarding Dogs

    Tuxedo Skateboarding

    Neo Skateboarding

    Tuxedo Agility