New Book Series Stars a Little Boston Terrier Dog


    Here is about a new book series which is featuring an amazing little Boston Terrier dog named Mirabelle. This curious Boston Terrier is eager to explore and wants to take you along! This little dog’s adventures can change the way you see the world.

    Mirabelle captured hearts in Michael Muller’s line of greeting cards and now she brings children into her world with a series of illustrated board books about the pleasure and excitement of discovering simple things. Mirabelle and the Butterfly; Mirabelle and the Bouncy Red Ball; and Mirabelle Goes for a Walk (Workman, October 2012, $6.95 each) introduce new readers to the life of an inquisitive little dog and her devoted owner.

    New Book Series Stars a Little Boston Terrier Dog

    Muller’s clean black and white illustrations, with a touch of photography and splashes of bold color, brilliantly capture the expressions of Mirabelle as she makes each new discovery. With her wide set eyes and oversized head, Mirabelle looks smart, feisty, happy, and eager as she and Mr. Muller explore their neighborhood together. Mirabelle makes friends with a butterfly; leaps over puddles to catch her ball; and together she and Mr. Muller enjoy a tasty ice cream treat after a walk.

    Each story is a dialogue between Mr. Muller and Mirabelle, he asks the questions and she responds with actions as a young reader, just learning to communicate, might do. Lovable Mirabelle and her bow-tied, bespectacled owner are endlessly inspiring, fun and most importantly, they love going on adventures together.

    About the Author

    Michael Muller is a photographer, collage artist, and proprietor of the Mirabelle line of greeting cards. He and Mirabelle, a real Boston terrier, began their lives together in 2006. They live in Baltimore MD and online at To check out all of their amazing personal appearances and book signings go to

    Michael Muller and his Boston Terrier