Olde Boston Bulldogge – The Original Boston Bulldog

Because the Boston Bulldog is the breed which the Boston Terrier developed from, we decided to research and write an article about the Boston Bull.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge (Old Boston Bulldog) is the original Boston Bulldog, a dog breed that’s coming from the Boston, Massachusetts area.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is also named Boston Bulldog and Boston Bull. The Boston Bulls shares the same early history as the Boston Terriers but they are separate dog breeds.

Olde Boston Bulldogge - The Original Boston Bulldog

In the 1800’s, the first Boston Bulls were born from the cross between Bulldogs and Terriers (more specifically from the English Bulldog, the Bull Terrier and the White English Terrier). Some had the long head of the terrier and others had the round head of the bulldog.

The Olde Boston Bulldogge was originally bred for pest hunting, dog fighting, property guarding and to be a family pet.

Boston Bulldog with a ChildThe Boston Bulldog is a dog breed that can weight anywhere from 25 to 45 lbs. The Boston Bull comes in a variety of colors : black, red, brown, fawn, brindle, blue and seal. They have a short coat. Their life span is between 10 and 14 years.

Their temperament is active and playful. Olde Boston Bulldogges are notably courageous, loyal and protective. They have great personalities, they are very intelligent and they love to please its owner. Boston Bulldogs make great family dogs, they are great with children and good with other pets if properly socialized.

Olde Boston Bulldogge - The Original Boston Bulldog

The Olde Boston Bulldogge is not acknowledged by the AKC. The breed is registered with the National Dog Registry For Rare Breeds and recognized by the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA) since 1995.

Does anyone have a Boston Bulldog? Have you ever had one of this dog breed? Share and leave your comment(s)! 🙂

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