Operation Smoochy Story of a Boston Terrier Game


    Here is about the story of a new Boston Terrier game which is compatible with IPhones, IPods and IPads. The game is available on the App. Store for only $0.99.

    Operation Smoochy Game for iPhone, iPad and iPod

    Here is the story of Operation Smoochy, a Boston Terrier game made by two Boston Terrier owners :

    “My wife and I, like most Boston owners, are shamelessly addicted to our little man (and he truly is little-about 15 pounds).  Since the first day Smoochy entered our lives, he’s owned the house and is now with us pretty much 24 hours a day.  As he’s getting a little long in the tooth, we decided about 10 months ago to try and memorialize him in a video game/app. After getting up between 4am-5am for the past 10 months (still need to work my other job, unfortunately :)), the game was finally released a few days ago on the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad.”

    For pictures, videos and updates regarding the dog game, visit Operation Smoochy Facebook page. Go on the App. Store to download Operation Smoochy.

    Watch the Gameplay Trailer of Operation Smoochy