Our Boston Terrier is getting spayed. Any Advice? Any Changes After the Surgery?


Here is a Question from Cynthia asking other Boston Terrier owners about spaying a Boston Terrier dog.

She says : “Hi. We are getting our 9 months old Boston Terrier spayed this week. This is our first Boston Terrier and first puppy. The last dog we had came neutered already. Any advice? Any noticeable changes after the surgery? We’ll be her craziness and her temperament. Also… do you recommend using the donut? Some friends said it’s hard to eat, drink and sleep. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Our Boston Terrier is getting spayed. Any Advice? Any Changes After the Surgery?

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Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle


Marti Marikovics

Not a big deal. Have it done as soon as recommended.

Judy Slape

my little girl did great after her spay, she acted like nothing happened, she took it easy for about 3 hours then was up and running!

Anthony Beard

Mine wasn’t spayed till later in life. My vet was after me for years to have it done provided I was never going to breed him. He always said it was for their good and better health. No changes noticed afterward.

Lisa Bailey

Same here we didn’t spay our Boston til she was 5 years old

David Burnett

He will live longer

Gayle Dormaier

The changes vary from dog to dog. My previous Boston had no sexual drive after, while my current Boston is just as ‘randy’ as before. He is not interested in actually mating but loved one of his stuffed toys so much I had to throw it away!!