Our New Boston Terrier Puppies Love to Eat their Poop… How to Stop it?


Here is a question from Danielle asking other Boston Terrier owners how to stop dogs from eating their poop.

She says : “So Boston lovers I have a question we just got two new Boston puppies and as sweet and lovable they are……. they love to eat the nasty dropping left from them. We also have a 10 year old boston who loves rabbit droppings while out for walks. So I’ve tried for-bid with both pups which are on different food and still no luck !!! Any suggestions thanks in advance”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Our New Boston Terrier Puppies Love to Eat their Poop... How to Stop it?

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I put a muzzle on her when she goes out alone. Bring right back in after she does her business. No more vomiting poop after going out!

Carol Burek

This post reminded me of s friend who took her cat to the. ER thinking her cat must be constipated since nothing on the litter box. Cat was fine, vet said keep an eye on the litterbox I think it’s probably your dogs Treat box! Sure enough! Yuk

Danielle Doucet

Hmmm ya not too sure we’ve tried for-bid and both pups are on different food and as far as I know they only eat there own our older boston eats rabbit droppings and if given the chance cat ones as well 🤢 But not her own lol !!i pick it up as soon as I do see it I’m still puppy training them and they do inside outside and in there kennel 😩😩 I’m going to try adding pumpkin and keep the fingers crossed 🤞 especially when my son loves open mouth kisses 😝 He’s 4 lol

Silvana Farias

Banana rich in potassiun. We had the same problem.