Owners of Dead Dogs Sue Jerky Treats Makers


    As reported in the news, several dog owners are together to sue the makers and sellers of the jerky dog treats from China. They are suing the maker the treats (Nestle Purina), and several stores that sell them (Wal-Mart, Target, Costco…).

    Owners of Dead Dogs Sue Jerky Treats Makers and Sellers

    Two Boston Terriers named Toby and Max, died in May after his owners say they were sickened by chicken jerky dog treats made by Nestle Purina. The owners didn’t realize the treats were suspect and they says : “Toby was falling over and crying out in pain and we would give him another treat because we thought we were doing something nice for him because he was hurting.”

    The Food and Drug Administration officials have refused to release results of inspections of Chinese plants that make the jerky treats blamed for at least 1,000 illnesses and deaths of dogs in the United-States.

    Rest the rest of the story on NBC News.