Paco the Boston Terrier from Illinois, United States

    This photo is capturing a Boston Terrier dog named Paco. Paco is actually a eleven month old Boston Terrier dog living in Ingleside, Illinois, United States. The photo was sended by the dog’s owner to be featured here on this Boston Terrier website.

    This is what Paco’s owner says : “I remember the first day I got to meet Paco! I drove over three hours just so I could rescue my little boy. He was running around the room and he gave me lots of kisses! I just knew he was the pup for me. Everything about Paco is so cute and funny. He always stretches out and just stays there, and he looks like he has frog legs! And whenever Paco is really happy the skin on his muzzle turns pink. Paco has his own three piece furniture set in the living room. He sits on his sofa and he looks so adorable. Also, Paco loves playing basketball. Even though the ball is twice his size, Paco still chases it around and bites it. Whenever I go bike riding Paco goes with and sits in his basket! Paco brings so much happiness to my life. I love him very much and he is considered a member of my family!”

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    Paco the Boston Terrier from Ingleside, Illinois, Usa - Photo 1

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