Photos of Boston Terriers from Conyers, GA, USA


    Here are two photos of boston terriers from Conyers, Georgia, United States. These boston terriers are named Bitty Boy and Peaches. The photos were sended by the owner of the dogs for being featured here on the Boston Terrier website.

    This is what the owner of the dogs says : “Wanted a Boston for so long ! Finally someone contacted me about a litter and there he was just sittin there trying to wag his little screw tail,,,was love at first sight ..his name started as Batman but kept finding myself calling him Mama’s Itty Bitty Boy..he has such personality…he pouts and i automatically know somethings bothering him…he loves toys and loves for anybody to play tug…Did i mention one of his favorite things is to attack the water out of a hose and jumping in the swimming pool with the kids?! Curling up under my blanket at night and keeping my toesies warm…Snoring like a grown man ..snorting…did i mention the awful gas…lol My husband decided he had to have him a lil girl Boston Whom he named Peaches,,This breed is absolutely the best…like little people with huge imagination and a heart full of love …theyll do anything for love! having a best friend there for you to comfort you…and who can turn down those huge eyes and smashed faces! MY Husband lost his arm last year and we have five children not to mention our four year old almost died from a rattlesnake bite…weve had it rough but Our little Bostons brighten our days and cheers us up!! My Name is Robyn we are from Conyers GA (u.s) and proud owners of the beautiful tuxedo dogs (The Boston Terrier).”

    Bitty Boy the Boston Terrier from Conyers, Ga, Usa - Photo 1Peaches the Boston Terrier from Conyers, Ga, Usa - Photo 2