Puppy For Sale Scam Reported by Ten News


    Ten News Television Channel reported a Puppy For Sale Scam that happened in Melbourne, Australia. Dog and puppy lovers should be warned because there is a puppy for sale scam that’s duped a Melbourne couple.

    The story is that they searched online to buy a Boston Terrier. A Queensland breeder offered two beautiful Boston Terrier puppies for sale, sending them videos of the Boston Terrier puppies. The Melbourne couple paid eight hundred dollars so that the breeder could send them one dog but they became suspicious when they were asked for another fifteen hundred dollars for insurance. Unfortunately they lost hundreds of dollars.

    Watch the Puppy For Sale Scam Reported by Ten News

    Anyone who’s looking to get a new dog or puppy should always be aware because this kind of puppy for sale scam could also be happening for many more people around the world.