Raising Funds for Leo’s Luxated Lens Surgery


    Here is about a Boston Terrier named Leo who needs financial help to get him the emergency medical care and surgery he needs. Leo is from Redmond, Oregon, USA. Leo has been in a few of the www.bterrier.com article (how to deal with stress) video (Dog Biscuits Taste Testers) and photos (Showing Off his Talent, Enjoying Fall Colors).

    Raising Funds for Leo's Luxated Lens Surgery

    Leo is currently dealing with a medical issue called a luxated lens and will be needing surgery. Unfortunately the surgery is very expensive and his family just don’t have the funding, and don’t want Leo to be in pain, so they started a campaign in hopes to raise the funds for his medical bills.

    Roxanne Rossbach is telling more information about her dog…

    What is happening that we need funds for?  Yesterday I arrived home from work to find our Boston Terrier Leo has something very, VERY wrong with his right eye.  Leo’s eye was cloudy, white and I could see a very distinctive circle in it…clearly this is not normal.  Immediatly I called the vet and was able to get him in.  Leo has what is called a Luxated Lens.  What!?  I have never heard of this, but thankfully the vet did very well at explaining and reassuring.  Simple answer:  The zonules in the eye that hold the lens in place break somehow and the lens is able to move out of the location it is supposed to be.  In Leo’s case the lens itself moved through the pupil and is sitting in the anterior chamber of Leo’s eye.  Leo has what is called a complete anterior luxation.  To Learn More about condition please check out:  www.eyevet.ca/luxlens.html.  There are also a few other great websites that give more information.

    How is a luxated lens treated?  Treatment is not easy, especially for Boston Terriers.  After discussing with the vet and the specializing doggy optomitrist we found that just having an eye surgery and removing the lens is not a possibility because of how Boston Terriers eyes work.  Removing the lens has a very high potential of causing other serious issues in that eye, such as retinal detachment.  The specialist also stated that there are only 2 vets in our area that can or will do the specialized surgery Leo would need…oh, and that surgery is close to $6,000 with no gaurentees that he will retain vision in the eye.  Next option is something called “couching” where the dog is heavily sedated and the doggy optomitrist manually attempts to push the luxated lens back into place…this only has a 50% chance of actually working, can cause more damage, costs $500 and Leo would be on medications every day for the rest of his life to keep his pupil paralized so that the lens could not slip back through again.  Final option is to keep Leo on medications until we have enough money saved/raised to have his eye removed.  Leo is currently on two very expensive medications for his eye, one to help with pain and one to keep the eye pressure/swelling down.  The vet stated that this means of treating Leo will be a good temporary fix, but by no means is it a long term fix.  The vet informed us that if we are lucky the medications “might help” for up to 6 months, but with the severity of Leo’s condition there is a very good chance that they will not help for very long.

    Our Goal?  To make sure that our boy Leo is happy and healthy as quickly as possible.  Nobody likes seeing their children in pain, and Leo is our fur baby.  Our hearts are breaking to see him in the condition and pain that he is currently in.  The goal is to contact as many caring, loving people as we can and hopefully be able to come up with enough money to get his surgery done as soon as possible.

    How can you help?  Donate & Share.  We know that in our current economy money is tight and that is why we are having to ask for help.  If you have $1, $5, $10…any amount that you can donate to help Leo will and is greatly appreciated.  The next thing you can do to help is to share our story…share on facebook, twitter, pinterest…anywhere and everywhere so that we can get more people on board and helping.  Every little bit helps.

    What your donation will help pay for:  Emergency vet visit, medications (the one medication is $60 for a 5 ml bottle), follow-up vet appointments until surgery (weekly), pre-surgery, surgery, post surgery, more medications, and more follow-up appointments after the surgery.

    Please check out Leo’s campaign/donation site!
    Donate if possible and please SHARE to spread Leo’s story, Leo will sure appreciate it!