Rosie, Otis and Bella the Boston Terriers

    Here is a picture that was submitted on the Boston Terrier page on Facebook. The picture is showing three Boston Terrier named Rosie, Otis and Bella. These dogs are living in Washington, United States.

    Here is what the owner of these dogs says : “This is 3 of our 4 BTs,Rosie,Otis,and Bella. We live in Washington state,now, but started with our first BT in Alb.,NM,in the 80.s. We’re on BTs numbers 6,7,8,and 9,currently,so guess it’s safe to say we’re “hooked”! :-X We assist the people who q do the BT rescue in our club,and are gearing up for a booth at our state fair, this weekend,should be alot of fun!”

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    Rosie, Otis and Bella the Boston Terriers from Washington

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