Rudy the Boston Terrier being a Gentleman


    Here is a video showing a boston terrier named Rudy being a gentleman when he plays with a young border terrier puppy. Rudy is a small but strong boston terrier dog from Chicago, United States. In this video, we can see him showing his gentler side.

    This is what Rudy’s owner says about the video : “Generally, I do not allow Rudy to play with smaller dogs because, as can be seen in many of his other videos, Rudy likes to play rough and often gives much larger dogs a run for their money. Rudy is very strong for his size and is usually just too much for a smaller dog to handle.

    Today, a small 13.5 week old border terrier puppy named Molly who weighs only about 7 pounds came to the park. Normally , I would not allow Rudy play with such a small puppy, but Molly’s owner insisted that it would be ok.”

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